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Old Paradians Monthly Lunch: View Response #49

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mananon January 30, 2011 at 09:40
Would western govenments be willing to sit idly by if a radical islamist took control in Egypt?

I apologise for what seems like a loaded question but there’s nothing to say it couldn’t happen. Would the US, UK et al be willing to just let a potentially hostile element take over?

The strategic balance is very delicate at the moment, and Israel in particular might be a little jumpy.

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Omnipitron January 30, 2011 at 09:41
I don’t understand why people respond to trolls. If you just completely ignore a troll like they never posted in the first place they just never come back.

Falling into their web can be very difficult, I agree with your position myself, but lately have fallen victim to troll feeding many times.
There is one very large realization I have come to since encountering so many like Anonymous. It has been said many times on the Spearhead that women are children in adult bodies but the reality is that for our culture to survive in the future, I really and truly believe men cannot forget this very simple fact.

I have no issue with the women who actually learn cause and effect and can hang with men in certain arenas. Heck, I work in the Radiation Industry in Canada and have met scores of very competent women. However, only the women who show their competence should ever be treated with deference, the rest shouldn’t be.

While the ingratitude is mind boggling just as Herbal Essence stated, what should be just as unbelievable is the foolishness most women carry on with. The President of a national women’s organization braying for more social services in a shirking economy even stating that running a higher deficit in order to do so should be acceptable? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and even I know the impossibility of such a request. In fact, according to TFH’s Misandry Bubble, wasn’t NOW one of the constituents who pushed Obama to spend the stimulus money on women and government jobs instead of men’s jobs which would have made a much more efficient impact?

Some may say that maybe these women didn’t understand the magnitude of what they where asking at the time, or what NOW is asking at the moment. However, if that is the case, why are they in a position to ask it without this knowledge? It doesn’t take that much knowledge or education to realize that if as a woman, a large social welfare system is to your benefit, and the more men you have supporting it by paying into it the better. If women have the knowledge and understanding they say they have, wouldn’t women be working in tandem with men to ensure that there where more men working and going to school so that they and their daughters would be taken care of sufficiently?


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