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Old Paradians Monthly Lunch: View Response #37

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I’m not arguing with you, by the way – I agree with you.  I’m just trying to pull back the curtain a little, and show why that stuff sometimes happens.



Obsidian says:
May 27, 2014 at 11:37 am
More Sotomayor action and commentary:

Pt 4 ATL Metro Cop Gets Back-Up – YouTube



Gunner Q says:
May 27, 2014 at 12:46 pm
Emma, thank you for being kind to one of us incels. I wish more women had your attitude.

“Forced celibacy is even worse; I’m not alone in believing that the widespread child sex abuse in the Catholic church was the end-result of forced celibacy.”

Not true. I lived in Los Angeles when the Catholic sex scandal happened there, close enough I didn’t have to rely on the mainstream media to put the picture together. Those “priests” were full-blown Sodomites who had entered the priesthood mainly to gain sexual access to teenage boys and secondarily to smear the Church’s reputation in the process. They were not, in any way, devout Christians.

When a devout, celibate priest falls to sexual temptation, he ends up having sex with a woman/prostitute or using porn. Something easy, simple and normal. He doesn’t rape kids.

“The social albatross that is involuntary celibacy is one that hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as it should”


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